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Dr. Johannes Ripken

Speaker & Coach for


Business Networking

How you build up your ideal business network
for your best-fitting professional future within 6 months! 


Are you in the final stages of your studies or already in the middle of your professional life and have not yet found the perfect job, your mission? Let's find the right answers together and reach the best result faster!


Through my specialised combination of identity orientation, personality development and the development of a strong network and valuable business relationships, I help you to achieve your goal!

About Dr. Johannes Ripken
Why Business Relationship Management is crucial


Business networking and the management of business relationships is not only essential for business success, but also supports your own well-being, the quality of cooperation and the continuous expansion of your own horizons.


Business success is greater if you are "top of mind" at your important contacts and are recommended to others.

Life is better if you work together with people and mutual esteem.

Creativity and innovation are stronger if you continuously interact with other people. 


No matter whether as a speaker, as an expert in various functions or as a founder of tamanguu:

I want to anchor this mindset in people's thinking and inspire, motivate and accompany people in business networking and relationship management. 


I pass on my expertise in business networking and relationship management as a speaker in short impulses, panels or longer presentations or workshops.


IHK Kompass (Kiel), Reeperbahn Festival (Hamburg), DiWiSH Networking Summit (Kiel), Sonic Visions (Luxembourg), Live at Heart (Örebro, Sweden), Most Wanted: Music (Berlin), c/o pop (Cologne), different company and university events.


I am regularly hired as a lecturer, supervisor or consultant to share my experience and knowledge on business networking, relationship management and identity-based development of music artists. The latter is worth mentioning here, because a lot of the knowledge I have gained in the area of artist development and the music industry  is very beneficial for business networking and business relationship management.


Popakademie Baden-Württemberg (Mannheim), The University of West London (Großbritannien), Fresenius University (Hamburg), Macromedia University (Berlin) and more.


As founder and CEO of tamanguu, I have been more intensively involved with business networking and relationship management in recent years than in the years before. I have spoken with numerous entrepreneurs, self-employed and managers about their challenges, their business networking and their daily business life and have gained insights for tamanguu and my activities.



tamanguu web application as a digital assistant for business networking and business relationship management, Business Networking Master Class as a free, email-based training, tamanguu Networking e-book as a bonus for completing the Master Class.

Do you have any questions about the coaching or having me as a speaker? Get in touch!
Let's network!
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