tamanguu helps you grow your business relationships and stay on top of mind of your most important contacts in your own network.

Improve your relationships with clear goals

Assistance towards a goals-driven, high-performance Workflow

Goals help you to work focused and effectively. Besides, everyone feels good when a set goal has been reached. tamanguu assists you to easily define relationship goals for your important contacts. Based on this, tamanguu creates personal recommendations that are perfectly aligned with your goals, needs and workflow. Based on your communication behaviour, the different goal directions lead to appropriate action recommendations. But it is not only the action recommendations that use the goals to support your work. The contact list is also sorted by goals by default (of course you can also set other sortings here) to direct your focus on the important contacts and not on countless other contacts in your network.

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Individual Action Recommendations for Relationship Building

Individual Action Recommendations for more Productivity

tamanguu works like a personal networking assistant for you: the tool organises the maintenance of important contacts in your network. Intelligent recommendations based on your communication behaviour and best practices save you time and mental effort and increase your productivity significantly. The action recommendations help you to build up relationships with your business contacts in a structured way and to maintain them continuously in a value-enhancing way. The result is lasting successful cooperation and satisfied customers who recommend you to others and come to you when they need your services or products.

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Communication history of each contact

All Emails, Meetings and Notes per Contact in one Place

We bring your communication channels, appointments and notes together in a person-focused overview. This has the great advantage that you can overview the communication with a concrete contact across all channels when you need it. No more time-consuming searching for where the contact has written something! Likewise the respective contact profile is an ideal place for personal notes and discussion minutes, in order to be well prepared with the next discussion and to support a personal emotional addressing.

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Import and synchronise your emails and your data from Google, Apple and LinkedIn

Easy Integration of your preferred Communication Systems

First of all: Your data is safe with us! We pursue a data protection policy at a high level with servers in Western Europe and strict GDPR conformity, because we know how sensitive contact and communication data is. For working with tamanguu: It is really easy to import and synchronise your relevant data. You can import your contacts from Google, Apple, or LinkedIn. Google users can even enjoy two-way sync. Your email communications from Gmail or other email providers (via IMAP) are assigned to individual contacts in the communications history. Dated appointments can also be easily integrated into your personal calendar.

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