Welcome to the tamanguu blog!

Welcome to the tamanguu blog!

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The big picture of tamanguu is to build the digital assistant to advanced and holistic artist management. Following this path, we develop useful and powerful tools for managers and artists who are involved in artist management tasks. Tools which accompany, guide, support, connect and improve the users’ business.

As it doesn’t make much sense for our company and the potential users to develop the full platform at once and present a full package in a few years, we will develop each module step-by-step. Our first product respectively module is the fantastic tool tamanguu.contacts for building and maintaining strong relationships. With the requirement of being a digital assistant, tamanguu.contacts presents itself with a guided relationship management system.

This blog, however, does not aim at presenting the product. In fact, we provide valuable information, knowledge, insights, news and commentaries about the relevant topics in our environment. Therefore, we will focus on artist management, the music industries, digital topics, relationship management, networking, brand management, marketing, creativity, and more.

On our landing page at tamanguu.com, we are currently collecting beta testers who want to experience the advantages of tamanguu.contacts as early as possible and provide us valuable feedback for our ongoing development. If you are only interested in the updates about our blog and company, feel free to subscribe to our newsletter in the sidebar of this blog.

We are very much looking forward to the further process and development.