'Previously on' tamanguu – the journey of our startup until today

'Previously on' tamanguu – the journey of our startup until today

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In the context of popular TV episodes, the slogan “Previously on…” is regularly used as a quick summary for those who just joined the series or who need a summarising reminder for the previous story. tamanguu has also a story behind the curtain. So let’s have a look on what happened so far.

In order to tell the whole story, we need to jump back in time: the initial idea to provide a smart software solution for artist management came up in 2013 when I was finishing my Ph.D. in music business, which focussed on holistic, identity-orientated artist development. It took some more years of experience in the music industry to recognise the concrete and significant need of solving multiple problems around artist management. So, in early 2016, I started writing down the idea of the big picture of tamanguu in detail. After presenting the idea to Michael Arpe, owner of the successful think tank ma design, and later to Dr. Wolfram Schroers, we decided to fill the idea and business plan with life and to tackle this huge project.

The official start was in April 2017, when the startup was founded. From April to September 2017, three highly experienced experts joined the tamanguu team. Enthusiastic and passionate, but yet critically analysing; experienced and established in our domains, but yet continuously heading for new shores; firmly convinced of the big picture of tamanguu, but yet fully sensible for realising this goal step-by-step – this describes how we pursue our vision.

Following the method of agile software development, we identified the main problems and challenges through interviews with potential customers and thereof the minimal viable product for the development: tamanguu.contacts – the digital assistant to relationship management, which represents our concept of guided relationship management. Here, we are in October 2017: moving towards our beta test, presenting the tamanguu brand to the world.