Review: Wallifornia MusicTech Convention 2018

Review: Wallifornia MusicTech Convention 2018

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Four days at Wallifornia MusicTech are over - a review.

The MusicTech conference took place for the second time ever within the prestigious and well-known music festival Les Ardentes. While 80,000 people celebrated outside with excellent weather conditions, a business conference for the music industry and the music technology sector was held in the Halle des Foires in Liège. Every day, top speakers held keynotes and panels on innovations and discussion topics related to the music industry and music technologies.

A selection of speakers:

  • Scott Cohen (Founder and CEO of The Orchard),
  • Steve Mayall (CEO Music Ally),
  • James Burgess (CEO A2IM),
  • Helienne Lindvall (Songwriter, Journalist),
  • Stefan Baumschlager (Head of Business Development Sendmate, Record Bird),
  • Dave Allen (CEO North Music, formerly Apple Beats),
  • Cliff Fluet (Commercial, Strategic, Legal Advisor for Media, Music, Film, Sport companies).

For a relatively small conference with no more than 400 professional visitors, this was a remarkable line-up.

In conversation with the organizer Gerome Vanhelf, the objective of how the Wallifornia MusicTech conference should develop further also became clear: No more than 500 trade visitors, high-quality speakers, selected startups. We ourselves have directly noticed the advantage of this limitation and focus. All participants, including the well-known speakers, had enough time and rest for conversations, discussions and matchmaking. Many thanks to our meeting partners, who include the above mentioned and more, for your time and for further cooperation! At this point it should also be noted that we have got to know other exciting start-ups that we want to name very briefly:

  • Tonik Sound: Technological innovations for musical instruments, such as their guitar amplifier, which is directly attached to the guitar without an external amplifier!
  • Music Traveler: Web platform for comfortable booking of rehearsal rooms for musicians and bands
  • Viamuse: Social Listening App, also from Kiel
  • SoonVibes: Talent Development Platform for artists and springboard to business partners
  • Tapes UK: DJ promotion platform with guaranteed attention and feedback from the DJs for the Grime genre in the UK
  • Maze Tools: Innovative audiovisual synthesizer/sequencer for the fusion of music production, performance and visualization
  • Ridline: Tech and backstage rider in one tool for time saving and quality assurance for artists, booking agents and event operators

Since the conference is only in its second year, there is still a lot of room for improvement. The feedback on the event, which is also essential for this “startup”, is sent directly to the organisation team.

Many thanks for the commitment of the team! Many thanks for all helpful and inspiring conversations with new and old acquaintances! Many thanks to Matthias and Claudia from the MusicTech Germany Association! Thank you for a good time in Liège!

All information about the Wallifornia MusicTech:

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