Effective Social Media Marketing

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Being always up to date, knowing the latest trends, being networked with all our friends and colleagues - that is what we aspire to in today’s society. If you’re not online, you missed something. But how can you cope with the flood of information in the social media? And what exactly are they, these social networks? We all know Facebook, Twitter and others, whose roles are becoming increasingly important, especially in a professional context. But do we really know why they are hardly imaginable in our society and why we use them at all?

Communication today is multidimensional and due to the multitude of communicative offers, such as comments, likes, etc., it is almost impossible to keep track of them. The classic roles of sender and receiver have changed fundamentally as a result of the interaction and dialogue-oriented social media. Every post or contribution gives the chance to react spontaneously and interact with private individuals, a company, a brand or even a personality. While social media has long been classified as private use, every company now knows: social media is key.

But how do you find the key to success? Especially for small businesses or self-employed people without trained social media managers at their side, it is often difficult to navigate the social media jungle. And musicians are also increasingly expected to position themselves and their own music professionally and market it. In Social Media, you expect to attract attention and to increase the awareness for your brand as well as you aim for building and maintaining the fan base, which highly identify with the brand. Managing this balancing act is a huge challenge, which can only be mastered with a well-thought strategy and a top notch implementation. Therefore, it is usually not that easy to find answers and solutions to relevant questions and problems in social media marketing and management.

However, “rescue” is at hand! In the next few weeks we will start our series “Effective Social Media Marketing for the music industry”. In our blog, we will present proven strategies and best practices about Social Media. How do you find out who your target group is and how do you approach them? How do you advertise in a meaningful and targeted way on the individual channels? What should your posts look like? How crucial are videos and photos? tamanguu will dedicate some future articles to these questions in social media management and marketing and transfer valuable knowledge to help you to get more value from your social media channels and to stand out from the crowd creatively and effectively in the future!

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The Power of Networking

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”Knowledge is power. Grades are everything. Qualifications before personality.” Those who have just finished high school, university or are still at the beginning of their career will have heard these or similar sentences many times. Because in our performance-oriented society, maximum performance is expected. However, once you have arrived in the real world of work, you quickly notice: yes, good performance is essential. But useful contacts and strong relationships are even more important.

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Welcome to the tamanguu blog!

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The big picture of tamanguu is to build the digital assistant to advanced and holistic artist management. Following this path, we develop useful and powerful tools for managers and artists who are involved in artist management tasks. Tools which accompany, guide, support, connect and improve the users’ business.

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