tamanguu nominated for prestigious Start-up Award

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Start-up life is exciting everyday. However, there are still some milestones that stand out. Such a milestone can now be described as the nomination for the breakthrough 2018 award of the technology magazine connect. Reason enough for us to issue an official press release:

Press Release

The Kiel-based start-up tamanguu is the only company from the music industry to be nominated for the highly endowed breakthrough 2018 award. The award, presented by the well-known technology magazine connect and supported by renowned companies such as O2 and Sony, has invited the most innovative and promising start-ups in Germany for this competition. After a user voting process running until the end of December, the winner will be selected by a prominent jury of experts.

tamanguu was founded in April 2017 to create an advanced software-as-a-service platform for artist management, which as a digital assistant significantly supports and improves the work of musicians, artist and label managers. The start-up has identified the problems, challenges and opportunities for artist management in the digital age and is developing a system specifically designed to meet the needs of the music industry. The term ‘digital assistant’ can be taken literally: tamanguu offers artists and music industry companies smart action recommendations with its guided management software platform – based on best practices and the individual behaviour of the user. Welcome to the future of artist management!

„It‘s great to see that tamanguu has already met with such amazing interest from the music industry and the start-up world in this early stage of development. This proves that we hit the nerve of managers and artists in our industry with tamanguu. The early involvement of these experts also ensures that our platform not only works in practice, but is also useful for the users“, emphasises co-founder and managing director Dr. Johannes Ripken. With his ten years of practical experience in the music industry - whether at Universal Music or as an independent artist manager - and as a lecturer (e. g. at the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg) as well as with his doctoral thesis and book publication on artist development, he is a proven expert on the subject. tamanguu was founded by Dr. Johannes Ripken together with Dr. Wolfram Schroers, an expert in software and iOS development, as well as the successful entrepreneurs Susanne Arpe-Darwisch and Michael Arpe.

The nomination for the breakthrough 2018 award is a highlight in the company‘s young history. When the first module tamanguu.contacts is launched in spring 2018 after a successful beta phase, the start-up can make good use of the €10,000 prize money and the advertising media volume of €300,000 achieving a promising start - in line with the „breakthrough award“ competition title. Before the top-class jury selects the winners, a user voting will take place until 31.12.2017, where everyone can vote.

Last year‘s winners, livyu, with their new VR live concert experience, were able to prove that the music industry is very much in favour of the award. tamanguu has now started to defend the „title“ for the music industry.

Here you can see the presentation and voting of tamanguu at the breakthrough 2018 award (in German language though): VOTE HERE FOR TAMANGUU

If you are curious about how tamanguu.contacts can assists you in building and maintaining strong relationships to your relevant business contacts and thereby becoming more successful, register for our beta on our homepage: www.tamanguu.com

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VIDEO: The Power of Networking - Leandra Preissler

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Part 1 of our video series “The Power of Networking”

The music industry is, like all creative industries, the prime example of the relevance of networking. Especially in this area, creative processes and services and the emotional involvement with the own work and person have a significant impact and are important. tamanguu executes interviews with several selected interesting personalities of the music industries about their experiences, knowledge and opinions regarding networking and relationship management.

This first interview is held in German language. Therefore, we prepared the videos with subtitles which you can enable in the YouTube player. Additionally to the subtitles, you can read the full transcript of the interview below.

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Founders' Anecdotes: Discovering the Power of the own Network

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When I started becoming serious about the business idea of tamanguu, it was useful to comb my digital network on LinkedIn and XING with regard to persons who could contribute to tamanguu with their experience, knowledge or network and might be potential future customers later. This process was a real eye-opener since I recognised the strength of my network, which I wasn’t aware of and, therefore, didn’t use to its full extent in the past.

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