tamanguu awarded 1st Place in the GründerCup Start-up Award

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Whoop! May we have your attention, please?

The amazing news in a nutshell: We have won the GründerCup KielRegion (Founders’ Cup KielRegion)! We were awarded first place in the competition against 11 great, nominated start-ups/founders selected from 35 submitted business plans.

Start-up companies and founders could apply for the startup award, which was organised by KiWi (Kieler Wirtschaftsförderung) and the IHK Kiel (Chamber of Industry and Commerce), with their business plans. At the end of September, we submitted our business plan shortly before the end of the application period. Until the beginning of November, the jury examined the submitted business plans and selected the best 11 founders for the next round.

And then things went relatively quickly: on the 22nd November 2017, the pitch presentation was held with a discussion in front of the jury. The jury consisted of representatives of the partners and sponsors of the competition, including KiWi, IHK Kiel, KielRegion Economic Development, the RSH and delta radio marketer MACH 3 AG, the tax consultant and lawyer’s office Take Maracke, and the RQP network of consultants.

A short pitch video (in German language) was also shot in November with the media production company 3 KOMMA 3, which was screened on the 13th December 2017 at the award ceremony in front of many invited guests from business, politics and start-up scene.

Very promising competitors were nominated for the award, so the award ceremony was extremely exciting:
Vulpés Electronics, whose app-controlled heatable clothes were recently featured on the VOX show “Die Höhle der Löwen” (US: Shark Tank, UK: Dragon’s Den),
Bummelbude, which offers local retailers a digital platform for sales and the online shopping experience and operates a highly recommended concept store in downtown Kiel; as well as
BasicButler, which occupy a specialised niche in a large market with their clothing consulting and delivery service for men’s underwear and clothing basics.

That’s why we at tamanguu are a very proud and happy to have won against these outstanding applicants and are pleased about the prize money, the advertising campaign at RSH (Radio Schleswig-Holstein) and the current media attention. We were able to convince the jury with our exceptionally well-conceived concept, the impressive business plan, a superior pitch presentation and our highly experienced team.

2018 can come!

With this award, we conclude an eventful founding year and have received an additional motivation kick for the year 2018. 2018 will bring us major milestones:
- In January, the decision for the breakthrough 2018 award of the technology magazine connect will be made, for which we are nominated and currently in the voting stage (here you can vote for us!).
- In March, the beta phase for our first module is launched: tamanguu.contacts - our digital assistant for networking and relationship management.
- The market entry of tamanguu.contacts is planned for early summer.

Thank you very much!

Finally, we would like to send out some “thank you” greetings:

Thank you to the organizers and sponsors of the award: Kieler Wirtschaftsförderung (KiWi), IHK Kiel, Förde Sparkasse, Investitionsbank SH (IB).SH), Kiel Sailing City, MACH3 AG (RSH, Delta Radio, Radio Bob), the tax consultant firm Take Maracke, the consulting network RQP, Kitz and the other business development agencies of the Kiel region.

Thank you for the excellent job you’ve been doing for months to our great team! We are experiencing that a startup can only be successful if the team always gives 100% and fully identifies with the startup and its vision and product.

Thank you for the support to our media and cooperation partners, who make tamanguu stronger and generate the important attention that is significant for a great product to reach its target group and thus potential customers.

Thank you for the important input and expert knowledge to our interview partners, clickdummy tester, to our already numerous registered beta testers! We can’t wait to launch the beta phase and finally make visible and usable what we’ve been working on for a long time.

Thank you for your attention and interest in our blog readers, website visitors and social media followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Thank you for your mental support, your feedback and partly keeping our back free to our friends, families and other companions!

If you are curious about how tamanguu.contacts can assists you in building and maintaining strong relationships to your relevant business contacts and thereby becoming more successful, register for our beta on our homepage: www.tamanguu.com

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Take the Cake with 7 Twitter tips

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Here are 7 tips on how to build Twitter as a successful marketing tool for you:

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Brand management for artists (or other personal brands) is a central topic at tamanguu. Every module developed by tamanguu in the future deals with it; just like every artist, every manager and every entrepreneur - whether active or subliminal.

Brand management has a large impact on artist development, because every artist in the music industries can and should be seen, managed and marketed as a brand. The strength and reputation of the brand are significant for the success of music products, as music is an experience. This means that consumers are not able to assess product quality before they consume it.

In addition, the current oversupply of artists and advertising messages requires distinctive artist and music brands. Well-known brands receive more attention from potential customers. Keeping the consumers’ attention is a more difficult task in today’s saturated media environment. It requires the understanding and management of music artists and companies as brands in order to increase the chance to attract and retain the attention and preference of the consumers.

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tamanguu nominated for prestigious Start-up Award

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Start-up life is exciting everyday. However, there are still some milestones that stand out. Such a milestone can now be described as the nomination for the breakthrough 2018 award of the technology magazine connect. Reason enough for us to issue an official press release:

Press Release

The Kiel-based start-up tamanguu is the only company from the music industry to be nominated for the highly endowed breakthrough 2018 award. The award, presented by the well-known technology magazine connect and supported by renowned companies such as O2 and Sony, has invited the most innovative and promising start-ups in Germany for this competition. After a user voting process running until the end of December, the winner will be selected by a prominent jury of experts.

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