Smart Networking Workshop at the Waterkant Startup Festival

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Only a few days until the Waterkant Startup Festival in Kiel (14th - 15th June 2018). Reason enough to wave the flag again for this great event.

You can expect a wonderful maritime mix of start-ups, technologies, innovations and the always existing closeness to the water, which is not only a result of the exclusive location. The Waterkant Festival takes place again in the MFG5 area in Kiel between Holtenau and Friedrichsort, where military helicopters were based just a few years ago.

Smart Networking Workshop

Last year I took part for the first time, but only as a normal guest. This year I will even be active at the podium twice.

On Friday at 4 pm on stage CoWorkLand Container will share my networking expertise on the topic “Smart Networking in the Startup World”. With tamanguu.contacts we develop a web application for networking and relationship management. Be there! This will be an exciting workshop! We will also participate in a startup pitch session where we will present our startup tamanguu in only three minutes.

Promising lectures

Apart from that I am looking forward to further interesting and inspiring presentations and of course I have already compiled my plan on Waterkant 2018 Program, which lectures and workshops I would like to attend and enjoy. My highlights will be:

  • “Conscious Business Model Design” with Canay Atalay
  • “clarifydata - from analytics to predictive to Artificial Intelligence” with Michael Hartke
  • “The Google Ventures Design Sprint - How to create a future proof prototype in just 5 days” with Lonneke Boonzaaijer
  • “Free Yourself - How tomorrow’s operations will make your work more flexible, fun and profitable” with Philipp Ströhemann


In addition, two intense networking days with old and new acquaintances will take place, which not only complements the programme of the two days, but is also a central part of the event. Last year it was sold out close to the start. So hurry up, if you want in! And if so, I’m looking forward to a joint Lille Bräu or similar cold drink at the waterside!

Click here for the tickets: Waterkant Festival Website

Contact me if you want to meet me there!

Johannes tamanguu CEO & Co-Founder

Websites about the Waterkant Festival:
Waterkant Festival Website
Waterkant 2018 Program

Also interesting in this context:

“Why a strong network is crucial for success”

“Getting the most out of Networking Events”

In this sense: Happy Networking!

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Music Industry Insight: Publishing Deal and Law with Julia Frese, Zimmermann & Decker

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Contracts, paragraphs and clauses are normally not part of the most favourite topics for artists and managers. When an artist decides to contractually commit to a publisher for a certain period of time, questions about questions come to his mind. Both the artist and the artist manager should deal with a submitted contract in peace - after all, it is about the rights to the artist’s creative property.

Creative property is a composition (lyrics and melody of a song) that is protected by the copyright. If a TV station wants to use a song for a commercial, the artist’s publisher is asked in 100% of the cases to conclude a so-called synch deal between TV station and publisher. It doesn’t matter whether it is a cover or the original song - in both cases the intellectual property, i.e. the composition, is used. If the original recording is used, it additionally concerns the neighbouring rights which are administered by the label. But more about this in the second part of our mini contract series.

tamanguu talked to Julia Frese, a lawyer in the music law firm Zimmermann und Decker, and clarified the most important legal questions that an artist manager or an artist should ask himself with regard to a publishing deal.

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Future Music Camp Recap

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Photo Copyright: Sven Tillack

The website of the Popakademie, organizer and location of the event, describes what is and was essential for the Future Music Camp in addition to content topics: “As always, an important part of the Future Music Camp: Networking!”*

On the 26th and 27th April the ninth Future Music Camp took place and tamanguu was present. This year’s theme of the industry meeting was “ Digitalisation in live business “. The ever growing and meanwhile economically strongest sub-market of the music industry was the centre of the keynotes in the morning as well as of the discussions and sessions in the afternoon. How do we deal with the oversupply of events? How are ticketing, analytics or marketing changing as a result of digitalisation?

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About the Relevance of Record Labels

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Brave new digital (music) world?

If you had to invest a lot of money in the marketing machinery in the past, you could do it yourself through social media with Facebook, Instagram and co. Whether newcomer, already established music artist or also actors of completely different industries - there seemed to be no limits to self-marketing. Social Media seemed to be THE marketing tool. It revolutionised classic marketing methods - a new era began with the rise of so-called social media stars.

The music industry was also affected by these developments. Music labels no longer had the same meaning as before. Musicians could suddenly be the blacksmiths of their own happiness, interact personally online with large crowds of people, discover the opinions and needs of their fans, and build an emotional connection through personal messages. Planning and executing a release in DIY style seemed simple and therefore attractive - especially for musicians without a label. But…

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VIDEO: The Power of Networking - Asli Kaymaz

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Part 3 of our video series “The Power of Networking”

The music industry is, like all creative industries, the prime example of the relevance of networking. Especially in this area, creative processes and services and the emotional involvement with the own work and person have a significant impact and are important. tamanguu executes interviews with several selected interesting personalities of the music industries about their experiences, knowledge and opinions regarding networking and relationship management.

This time, we have interviewed the young artist manager Asli Kaymaz, who has gained experience in two interesting roles in the music business. She worked for Universal Music Germany, mainly as talent scout for their discovery and distribution platform Spinnup. Since 2015, she works as assistant for the head of the artist agency Chimperator Live GmbH, who are in charge for some Top10 charting artists from Germany like CRO, Bausa or Namika.

This interview is held in German language. Therefore, we prepared the videos with subtitles which you can enable in the YouTube player. Additionally to the subtitles, you can read the full transcript of the interview below.

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