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Take the Cake with 7 Twitter tips

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Part 3 of our blog series “Effective Social Media Marketing”

Twitter is fast moving. Twitter means interaction. And above all: Twitter is a mystery for many companies. While Facebook has meanwhile found a firm place in every marketing strategy, no matter how small, and Instagram has also become a relevant marketing tool, the microblogging service with the little blue bird is often overlooked. “Twitter overtaxes me, I don’t know how to integrate it”, it says on one hand, or “You can hardly advertise there” elsewhere. But you shouldn’t give up too fast, because: yes, having a successful Twitter account is time-consuming. BUT once you have established a certain, interested followership, it will interact with you and your product respectively your company like on no other platform.

Here are 7 tips on how to build Twitter as a successful marketing tool for you:

1. Set up your own Profile correctly

Of course, the first step is always to set up a good, clear profile. First choose a unique profile name, which you can use to quickly find you on Twitter. Furthermore, you should use a concise profile picture - as a company, your own logo makes sense - and an informative profile description. Here, less is more, because you only have 160 characters available. Describe yourself or your company in a few words and avoid sentences. If you are a company on Twitter, you should have your profile accredited as a company profile. You can find out how to do this in just a few steps here. Prepare an imprint for this purpose because every company has to insert one in its Twitter profile.

2. Tweeting several Times a Day is allowed

As in all social media, you shouldn’t annoy your followers with too many postings. However, Twitter is subject to slightly different rules and the number of daily posts differs greatly from Facebook or Instagram: here, three tweets per day are in the optimal range. Studies show that Twitter is used during normal working hours, i. e. between 8 am and 6 pm, and especially during the lunch break between 11 am and 1 pm. This is where you can reach most followers and interactions.

3. Generate Attention through Alternation

Maybe not a new insight, but: you should also pay attention to varied posts on Twitter. If you only use the service to mosaic out your opinion, you will soon lose followers. Therefore, make sure you create a Twitter editorial plan in advance and think about when you want to post something in the next few weeks. Here, variation is everything: choose between external links, photos, videos or infographics. Since Twitter is an opinion medium, you should only post things that inspire you, surprise you, or you’re standing behind.

If you lose track of things quickly or like to plan ahead, you can use tools such as Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule postings with a delay. But why it makes sense to publish posts always consciously and actively, you can read in the next tip.

4. Start the Interaction Machine!

Of all social media, Twitter is probably the one with the most interaction. Unlike any other medium, Twitter makes its users retweet, discuss and exchange opinions actively. It is therefore particularly important to interact with your followers. The easiest way to do this is to post questions, votings or something similar on a regular basis to which your followers can respond. Of course, the whole thing shouldn’t be one-sided: after posting leave the Twitter tab in your browser open for a few hours and react to answers and counter-questions, join conversations under your or someone else’s post and thank followers who have retweeted something of yours. Of course, you should think about your answers carefully and not just quibble - after all, you represent yourself and your company through your opinions. In order to facilitate your interaction management on Twitter, services such as Hootsuite or Tweetdeck offer you tools to monitor your feed: who has retweeted you and when, who talked about you and who liked which of your tweets? All this information is made available to you here.

5. Generate first Followers

When you set up a new social media account, you are usually confronted with the same problem: how do I win followers? Also on Twitter you should ask yourself this question and approach it strategically. New followers are first found by following other relevant Twitter users. The easiest way to do this is to first look at your own offline network or contacts on other social platforms. Who in my industry, my LinkedIn, Mail or Facebook contacts is also on Twitter and might be interested in my company? And who do these people follow on Twitter? With people you already know or have the same interests, there is a good chance that they will follow back and interact with you. There are also paid tools on Twitter that allow you to automatically follow and unfollow people. But don’t worry about such services and build your followership organically - that’s much more authentic. An important last tip on the subject of followers: don’t follow too many people at once, because Twitter may consider you to be a robot and block your account for a while. It is better to integrate the generation of followers into your workflow and follow some consciously chosen people on a daily basis.

6. Use Twitter Lists

On Twitter you have the possibility to create dominant placed lists on your own profile. These lists are a personalized, curated collection of Twitter accounts that one considers to be particularly relevant, authentic and worth to follow. There are several reasons why it makes sense to create such a list: on the one hand, followers who you include in this list feel appreciated. On the other hand, this list is especially useful if you are active in a certain industry, to show that you are informed and follow the most important opinion leaders and players in your industry. Check the Twitter lists of others and follow them. This way you not only get important information, but also new inspiration for your own postings.

7. Make use of limited Advertising

Of course there is also the possibility on Twitter to place advertisements. However, since Twitter is much more about credibility and your own opinions, you should avoid extensive advertising. Nevertheless, there are some cases where you can think about an advertising campaign: if you want to extend your reach with new followers, or if you want more engagement from existing fans, consider Sponsored Tweets. These appear in the timeline of the target group and, with the exception of a “sponsored” label, look like normal tweets. Sponsored accounts, on the other hand, do not advertise a tweet but the entire account. The goal here is similar: to make people who follow similar accounts fans of your own site.

If you know Twitter, you will have noticed the trends on the left sidebar. Here you can get an overview of what topics are currently being discussed by the Twitter community. Here it is possible to place a “Sponsored”-marked keyword. As the trends are positioned very prominently and have a large reach, Sponsored trends are quite expensive and only make sense for larger companies.

If you follow all of these tips, or at least most of them, you should be able to establish Twitter as a successful and important marketing tool for yourself. And now let’s go to the Twitter world!

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7 crucial characteristics of artist brands and other human brands

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Brand management for artists (or other personal brands) is a central topic at tamanguu. Every module developed by tamanguu in the future deals with it; just like every artist, every manager and every entrepreneur - whether active or subliminal.

Brand management has a large impact on artist development, because every artist in the music industries can and should be seen, managed and marketed as a brand. The strength and reputation of the brand are significant for the success of music products, as music is an experience. This means that consumers are not able to assess product quality before they consume it.

In addition, the current oversupply of artists and advertising messages requires distinctive artist and music brands. Well-known brands receive more attention from potential customers. Keeping the consumers’ attention is a more difficult task in today’s saturated media environment. It requires the understanding and management of music artists and companies as brands in order to increase the chance to attract and retain the attention and preference of the consumers.

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5 Tips for successful Facebook Marketing

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Part 2 of our blog series “Effective Social Media Marketing”

More than one-fourth of the world’s population is registered on Facebook: 1.37 billion people use Facebook every day, and the numbers are increasing every year. Fact is: Facebook is omnipresent and must not be missing in any marketing strategy. Because what this is all about is clear: reach, reach, reach. Nowhere else do we have the opportunity to reach so many people at the same time and market our product/our brand or a company as effectively as Facebook offers us. How often do we hear that you need to spend a whole lot of money to reach your target group? You can eliminate these worries directly, because Facebook marketing doesn’t need a mega-budget. What’s much more important for the start is the knowledge about your target group and your goal, because only about 2-15% of your fans or subscribers see your postings when it comes to organic reach. Therefore, it is important to understand the Facebook algorithm and to write precise and targeted contributions or to launch paid advertising campaigns. How do you reach your fans, how do you write good posts or how can you use Facebook advertising effectively? tamanguu gives you five tips for effective Facebook marketing:

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tamanguu nominated for prestigious Start-up Award

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Start-up life is exciting everyday. However, there are still some milestones that stand out. Such a milestone can now be described as the nomination for the breakthrough 2018 award of the technology magazine connect. Reason enough for us to issue an official press release:

Press Release

The Kiel-based start-up tamanguu is the only company from the music industry to be nominated for the highly endowed breakthrough 2018 award. The award, presented by the well-known technology magazine connect and supported by renowned companies such as O2 and Sony, has invited the most innovative and promising start-ups in Germany for this competition. After a user voting process running until the end of December, the winner will be selected by a prominent jury of experts.

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VIDEO: The Power of Networking - Leandra Preissler

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Part 1 of our video series “The Power of Networking”

The music industry is, like all creative industries, the prime example of the relevance of networking. Especially in this area, creative processes and services and the emotional involvement with the own work and person have a significant impact and are important. tamanguu executes interviews with several selected interesting personalities of the music industries about their experiences, knowledge and opinions regarding networking and relationship management.

This first interview is held in German language. Therefore, we prepared the videos with subtitles which you can enable in the YouTube player. Additionally to the subtitles, you can read the full transcript of the interview below.

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