tamanguu at Wallifornia MusicTech Convention 2018

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A new milestone for tamanguu: the Wallifornia MusicTech convention in Liège in Belgium is coming up and tamanguu will be present for the first time at a convention with its own booth! Four days, from 05.07. to 08.07., we inform the visitors about our application and our startup. And the great thing is that there are only a few conventions that fit like this one.

Wallifornia MusicTech Convention

The big theme at Wallifornia MusicTech is, as the name suggests, everything new and innovative for the music and music technology industry. What will be the next big thing in music technology? How is the music industry changing through virtual reality or blockchain? What does this unlimited networking with us and our consumption actually do? What will digital distribution or music management look like in the future or what is artificial intelligence actually doing here? These are the core topics of the convention in Liège. Thus the target group for the event is clear: Music managers, artists, large companies in the industry, investors, music fans and start-ups in the MusicTech sector. We from tamanguu belong to the last category and with us 50 further international start-ups will present their products and innovations in the Start-Up Garden.

Start-up Garden

The Start-up Garden is located in the heart of Les Ardentes, in the “Halles des Foires”. Technologies such as artificial intelligence or virtual reality, innovations for management, but also new sound systems or consumer apps such as our Kiel colleagues from the startup Viamuse (a social listening/sharing app). All companies and participants of the Professional Convention, the Hackathon or other events are invited as well as festival visitors of the music festival Les Ardentes, which will open on Thursday, July 5th at the same location as the Start-Up Garden.

We from tamanguu will be at the Startup Garden daily from Thursday to Sunday from 3 to 9 pm to present our innovative Software-as-a-Service application for Business Networking in the music industry.

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Professional visitors from the music industry can listen to various keynotes and panels, attend workshops, get creative themselves in Wallifornia Park or take a break in the gaming zone at the Professional Convention every day. The event is embedded in the great Musikfestival Les Ardentes, which takes place simultaneously in Liège on the same site with more than 80,000 visitors.

tamanguu is looking forward to this event with many exciting topics and people, its own booth and what of course should never be forgotten here: Happy Networking.

Tickets are available here: http://walliforniamusictech.com/tickets-2018/

All information about Wallifornia MusicTech: http://walliforniamusictech.com/

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In this sense: Happy Networking!

If you are curious about how tamanguu.contacts can help you build and maintain strong relationships with your relevant business contacts and become more successful, then try it out: www.tamanguu.com. If it doesn’t fit, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee!

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Review: Waterkant Startup Festival 2018

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The Waterkant Startup Festival in Kiel (14.06. - 15.06.2018) has once again shown that Kiel is a fantastic location for the startup world. More than 1,000 people gathered on the grounds of the former naval aviator squadron 5 (MFG5 Area) in Kiel-Holtenau.

A day and an evening of intensive networking, twice at the podium myself, inspiring sessions and meetings of old and new contacts. This is the best way to summarize the Waterkant. In the following, however, I will go into more detail about what I experienced.

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Smart Networking Workshop at the Waterkant Startup Festival

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Only a few days until the Waterkant Startup Festival in Kiel (14th - 15th June 2018). Reason enough to wave the flag again for this great event.

You can expect a wonderful maritime mix of start-ups, technologies, innovations and the always existing closeness to the water, which is not only a result of the exclusive location. The Waterkant Festival takes place again in the MFG5 area in Kiel between Holtenau and Friedrichsort, where military helicopters were based just a few years ago.

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Music Industry Insight: Publishing Deal and Law with Julia Frese, Zimmermann & Decker

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Contracts, paragraphs and clauses are normally not part of the most favourite topics for artists and managers. When an artist decides to contractually commit to a publisher for a certain period of time, questions about questions come to his mind. Both the artist and the artist manager should deal with a submitted contract in peace - after all, it is about the rights to the artist’s creative property.

Creative property is a composition (lyrics and melody of a song) that is protected by the copyright. If a TV station wants to use a song for a commercial, the artist’s publisher is asked in 100% of the cases to conclude a so-called synch deal between TV station and publisher. It doesn’t matter whether it is a cover or the original song - in both cases the intellectual property, i.e. the composition, is used. If the original recording is used, it additionally concerns the neighbouring rights which are administered by the label. But more about this in the second part of our mini contract series.

tamanguu talked to Julia Frese, a lawyer in the music law firm Zimmermann und Decker, and clarified the most important legal questions that an artist manager or an artist should ask himself with regard to a publishing deal.

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Future Music Camp Recap

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Photo Copyright: Sven Tillack

The website of the Popakademie, organizer and location of the event, describes what is and was essential for the Future Music Camp in addition to content topics: “As always, an important part of the Future Music Camp: Networking!”*

On the 26th and 27th April the ninth Future Music Camp took place and tamanguu was present. This year’s theme of the industry meeting was “ Digitalisation in live business “. The ever growing and meanwhile economically strongest sub-market of the music industry was the centre of the keynotes in the morning as well as of the discussions and sessions in the afternoon. How do we deal with the oversupply of events? How are ticketing, analytics or marketing changing as a result of digitalisation?

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