Festival September: Meet the tamanguu Team at the upcoming Events

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This will be a crazy September!

And we are present at every event! If you are there too, we would love to meet you! The best way to contact us is via the possible ways (email, phone, social media)! Read below to find out who from our team will be there and what we will be doing there!

Workshops, Showcases and Networking at the c/o Pop Festival

Our Marketing/Blog Taskforce is the result of a project cooperation with the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg. Friederike Schymura and Laura Dahmen will be on site from our team. Highlights include the Berlin Session on Thursday and the New Talent Day on Friday.

Expert panel with the Bandup Team and Networking at the Live at Heart Festival in Sweden

In the international musician contest Bandup tamanguu CEO Dr. Johannes Ripken is involved as a jury member. At Live at Heart, one of the largest showcase and creative industries festivals in Scandinavia, Johannes will discuss with David Potgieter, John Kennedy (both Bandup) and Erik Gossas (United Screens) about building sustainable artist careers in the digital world. The panel will be moderated by Live at Heart co-organiser Peter Åstedt.

Building a sustainable artistic career with the world’s best musicians is Bandup’s core theme. The panel will take place on 07.09.2018 at 4 pm in the Grace Hall of the Scandic Hotel in Örebro.

Smart Networking presentation, Sessions and certainly Relationship Maintenance at the Digital Week

The entire Kiel team will be on the road at the Digital Week. In particular, we will attend many sessions and workshops at the Science Centre at the University as a central location for the digital economy. tamanguu co-founder and CEO Dr. Johannes Ripken will give a presentation at the Networking Summit by opencampus and DiWiSH on “Smart Networking”.

The event will also include a keynote address by Matthias Oetken (Managing Director of N26 Bank**), the Prototyping Week finale and a great networking event for the Kiel economy.

tamanguu Pitch in the Innovator’s Suite, Sessions and Networking at the Reeperbahn Festival

Probably the most important event of the German music industry will take place in Hamburg from 19th to 22nd September. So it’s no surprise that we are there where our primary target group meets up: the managers and artists of the music industry.

The Reeperbahn Festival has always been an event at which the music industry informed itself about trends and innovations of all kinds for its industry. For startups there is an own stage in the Innovator’s Suite, where we present tamanguu with a pitch. Johannes from the tamanguu team presents our startup on Thursday, 20.09.2018, at 5 pm.

Another highlight will be the annual Meet the Mannheimers, which is organized by the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg. This event also takes place on Thursday evening.

Of course we will also meet many new and old contacts to gain cooperation partners, media partners and customers for tamanguu.

Participation in the Startup Camp Schleswig-Holstein at the Dräger Garage in Lübeck

This week tamanguu was invited to pitch, which decided whether tamanguu could participate in this year’s Startup Camp Schleswig-Holstein. The day after we got the confirmation and we are looking forward to a very intensive coaching, training and networking week in the last week of September.

We are curious about the other startups participating and about the cooperation with the mentors, among others Nils Passau (analytix GmbH), Darius Karampoor, Christian Lange (networkteam GmbH), Martin Marx and others.


Für jedes dieser Events gilt: Wenn du uns treffen möchtest, einfach kontaktieren! Wir freuen uns darauf!

Außerdem interessant in diesem Zusammenhang:

“VIDEO Serie: The Power of Networking”

“6 Steps, um sich ideal fürs Networking bei der c/o pop und dem Reeperbahn Festival vorzubereiten”

In diesem Sinne: Happy Networking!

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6 Steps how to prepare best for Networking at c/o pop and Reeperbahn Festival

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The German music industry is facing two of the most important annual events: on the last weekend in August, the c/o pop in Cologne and only three weeks later, the Reeperbahn Festival, probably the most important industry meeting in Germany, takes place in Hamburg. At the Reeperbahn Festival and c/o pop keynotes, sessions and workshops will meet showcases and other live concerts (Die c/o pop Convention in Cologne on 30 and 31 August, the Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg from 19-22 September).

If you would like to attend one of the two industry meetings or even both festivals, you can get your tickets here:

And those, who want to effectively expand and maintain their network at these events, should prepare themselves so that their visit to the industry meeting will be a success. Here are the six steps to be perfectly prepared for your business networking:

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Music Industry Insight: It is not what you know, it is who you know (Richard James Burgess)

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At Wallifornia MusicTech I had the honour to meet Richard James Burgess, (CEO A2IM). At the conference we talked about our doctoral theses and exchanged them in the further email communication.

The core topic of tamanguu respectively tamanguu.contacts is business networking, i.e. the establishment and maintenance of your own contact network in order to be economically more successful. The importance of the network, or rather a well-maintained network, is the topic of the case study in Richard James Burgess’ doctoral thesis. The major title of the doctoral thesis is: “Structural Change in Music Industry: The evolving Role of the Musician”. In the aforementioned case study “It is not what you know, it is who you know” James reports on his first time in England, which shows how difficult it is to build on the previous success without a strong network despite successes and grown networks in other countries. In fact, I experienced it similarly in my time in England (2009-2012), when I wrote my doctoral thesis about artist development in the music industry.

Actually, “It is not what you know, it is who you know” doesn’t hit the nail on its head. It would need to end with “who knows you”, as in the ideal solution, it is your relevant business partner who continuously choose you to work with or to recommend to other potential customers. That’s tamanguu’s top-of-mind approach which we pursue in our guided relationship management.

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Review: Wallifornia MusicTech Convention 2018

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Four days at Wallifornia MusicTech are over - a review.

The MusicTech conference took place for the second time ever within the prestigious and well-known music festival Les Ardentes. While 80,000 people celebrated outside with excellent weather conditions, a business conference for the music industry and the music technology sector was held in the Halle des Foires in Liège. Every day, top speakers held keynotes and panels on innovations and discussion topics related to the music industry and music technologies.

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tamanguu at Wallifornia MusicTech Convention 2018

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A new milestone for tamanguu: the Wallifornia MusicTech convention in Liège in Belgium is coming up and tamanguu will be present for the first time at a convention with its own booth! Four days, from 05.07. to 08.07., we inform the visitors about our application and our startup. And the great thing is that there are only a few conventions that fit like this one.

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