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German Music Industry with high Expectations on tamanguu

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While we are busy developing the beta version of tamanguu.contacts and making tamanguu known to the music industry, we have experienced a lot of positive and motivating experiences in the last two months. A new press release is available here for current events:

Press Release

The still new Kiel-based start-up tamanguu is gaining increasing recognition in the German music industry. The most important industry magazine “MusikWoche” recommends tamanguu on the front cover of its magazine. Well-known industry experts continuously register for the beta phase starting in spring.

tamanguu was founded in April 2017 to create an advanced Software-as-a-Service platform for artist management that significantly supports and improves the work of musicians, artists and label managers. tamanguu’s Guided Management software platform, which provides the user smart action recommendations based on best practices and the individual behavior of the user, meets tamanguu’s self-conception as a digital assistant.

In December, tamanguu was awarded the 1st place of the Founder’s Cup KielRegion, in which 35 startups from Schleswig-Holstein competed against each other. The year 2018 started with another highlight! In issue 03-18 of the „MusikWoche“, the leading magazine for the music industry in Germany, MusikWoche does not only dedicate a detailed article to tamanguu, but also presents the startup on the front cover as one of three focus topics. The start-up also runs a German and English blog with articles on networking and artist management. In a recent video interview, the artist manager Eva Ries answered questions on the topic of networking, who, among other things, has been in charge of the management of RZA, the head and main producer of the legendary Wu-Tang Clan, over the last 25 years.

Since the autumn of 2017, interested people have been able to register via the homepage for the beta period starting in spring. In these last few weeks, this has already been done by numerous German and international managers and artists - including managers of the major labels such as Universal Music and Sony Music as well as of successful artist management companies and music publishers.

In spring 2018, the first module, tamanguu.contacts, will launch into the beta phase. This module is a smart tool for networking and relationship management. Although it is designed to meet the needs of the music industry, the features show that this tool is of great interest to everyone for whom a strong network has a high economic relevance; especially founders/entrepreneurs and self-employed people. This relevance for other industries is also confirmed by the list of registered beta testers according to tamanguu co-founder Dr. Johannes Ripken: “We are very pleased with the large number of beta registrations from renowned people from the music industry, but we continue to see new registrations from, for example, founders, event location managers, influencer managers and other entertainment industries. Nevertheless, the music industry is still our primary focus!”

tamanguu’s founders can look back on many years of professional experience: Dr. Johannes Ripken as an experienced expert from the music industry (e. g. Universal Music, as an artist manager, doctoral thesis and book publication on artist development); Wolfram Schroers, an expert in software and iOS development with international experience at the MIT in the USA and in Taiwan, as well as with the successful entrepreneurs Susanne Arpe-Darwisch and Michael Arpe from the think tank ma design GmbH & Co. KG.

If you aim for making the most out of your network, please register as tamanguu.contacts Beta Tester on our website!

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VIDEO: The Power of Networking - Eva Ries

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Part 2 of our video series “The Power of Networking”

The music industry is, like all creative industries, the prime example of the relevance of networking. Especially in this area, creative processes and services and the emotional involvement with the own work and person have a significant impact and are important. tamanguu executes interviews with several selected interesting personalities of the music industries about their experiences, knowledge and opinions regarding networking and relationship management.

We are glad and proud to present this interview with the internationally experienced, high-profile artist manager Eva Ries, who has been working for 25 years in the USA in various positions. Outstanding to mentioned are her management activities for RZA / Wu-Tang Clan, her position as Vice President International Marketing at Sony Music and her A&R and general manager activities for BMG Ariola with the signing of DJ Tomekk feat. Curse “Ich lebe für Hip Hop”.

This interview is held in German language. Therefore, we prepared the videos with subtitles which you can enable in the YouTube player. Additionally to the subtitles, you can read the full transcript of the interview below.

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And action - Making your own YouTube Channel successful

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Part 4 of our blog series “Effective Social Media Marketing”

Moving images are becoming increasingly important in digital communication. Everybody using social media will have noticed for a long time that more and more videos appear in the timeline not only on YouTube, but also on Instagram and Facebook. Although Facebook prefers Facebook Video and Instagram doesn’t allow you to upload direct YouTube videos, YouTube still is the largest and most important video platform on the net: as the second largest search engine after Google, the service attracts more than one billion users a month with its 400 hours of uploaded video per minute (!). An inexperienced user can get sick with this enormous amount of video competition. After all, how can you successfully present your own videos to your target group? There is no patent formula, but there are still some tips on how to optimize your own channel and how to be preferred by the YouTube algorithms.

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Why a strong Network is crucial for Success

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Sure, tamanguu.contacts stands for networking and relationship management. A tool that helps to strengthen relationships with important contacts in your own network.

In this blog article I explain why a strong network is crucial for economic success. Charles Fairchild writes in his book “Pop Idols and Pirates” to go with it: The aim of (the music industry) is to benefit from the dissemination of music material via sustainable networks. (…) This can best be achieved by creating and controlling effective networks of social, economic and cultural strength”.

This article discusses these components and the advantages of an effective, well-maintained network.

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