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In the last weeks and months we have made huge steps forward to make tamanguu an absolutely brilliant tool for the targeted business relationship building. tamanguu helps our beta testers to keep an eye on their network and to be more productive and consistent in their relationship management.

For this reason we want to give more people the opportunity to use tamanguu for their relationship building soon! Hence our time-limited campaigns for new and old interested persons:

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First some information how tamanguu supports your relationship building and what features the tool provides:

Action recommendations for your relationship building

Intelligent recommendations based on your communication behaviour and best practices for building business relationships save you time and brainwork and significantly increase your productivity. This means you no longer have to worry about losing track of important people in your network. You’ll be well prepared for every conversation so that you not only get what you last communicated with the contact, but also tips on how to maintain the relationship better.

Target-oriented workflow

You define relationship goals for contacts that are important to you. In this way tamanguu can clearly direct your focus to these goals and contacts. This has an influence on the personal recommendations for action and how the contents are presented in tamanguu: perfectly tailored to your goals, needs and way of working.

All mails, meetings and communication notes person-focused in one place

We bring together your communication channels, relevant interactions and notes in a person-focused overview. Emails are automatically synchronised and assigned to contacts. Further communication, conversation notes, tasks and personal notes and data complete the communication history in each contact profile.

Simple connection of contact data and emails

It’s easy and convenient to import and synchronise your contact information. Google Contacts users enjoy 2-way synchronisation. Apple contacts can be completely imported via vCard. You get your contacts from LinkedIn via CSV import into the tamanguu system. Your e-mail communication from Gmail or other e-mail providers via IMAP is assigned to individual contacts.

More productivity through focus, tags and filters

The tamanguu system enables and fosters a very focused workflow. Through the action recommendations and the communication history, the particular contact is always the center of attention. The focus on projects and special contact groups can be supported by a tag system for contacts and activities and helpful filter options.

ToDo system and connection to your calendar system

tamanguu offers an intuitive ToDo system with the unique advantage to be able to assign the ToDos to persons. In addition, all scheduled activities in tamanguu can be easily integrated into the preferred calendar system.

That’s how you get the Innovators’ discount

As a gift of appreciation to all those who have accompanied us from the beginning, we give a special discount when we have launched tamanguu! In addition to the Early Bird discount that we will offer in the first few months, you can get another 50% discount if you sign up for our newsletter by the 30th November 2018 or are already registered. We are incredibly grateful for the early trust and excitement we have gained. We want to appreciate this, because it gives us a lot of energy that we are on the right way!

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How to get our Networking E-Paper

From our own expertise and the exchange with many experts, we have compiled best practices on networking and relationship building and condensed them into an e-paper. Share our blog article or social media postings in your own network and we will contact you and send you this e-paper! It is important that you share it with the public and mark tamanguu in your sharing so that we can be sure to hear about it.

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In this sense: Happy Networking! Welcome dear Innovators!

Festival September: Meet the tamanguu Team at the upcoming Events

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This will be a crazy September!

And we are present at every event! If you are there too, we would love to meet you! The best way to contact us is via the possible ways (email, phone, social media)! Read below to find out who from our team will be there and what we will be doing there!

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6 Steps how to prepare best for Networking at c/o pop and Reeperbahn Festival

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The German music industry is facing two of the most important annual events: on the last weekend in August, the c/o pop in Cologne and only three weeks later, the Reeperbahn Festival, probably the most important industry meeting in Germany, takes place in Hamburg. At the Reeperbahn Festival and c/o pop keynotes, sessions and workshops will meet showcases and other live concerts (Die c/o pop Convention in Cologne on 30 and 31 August, the Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg from 19-22 September).

If you would like to attend one of the two industry meetings or even both festivals, you can get your tickets here:

And those, who want to effectively expand and maintain their network at these events, should prepare themselves so that their visit to the industry meeting will be a success. Here are the six steps to be perfectly prepared for your business networking:

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Music Industry Insight: It is not what you know, it is who you know (Richard James Burgess)

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At Wallifornia MusicTech I had the honour to meet Richard James Burgess, (CEO A2IM). At the conference we talked about our doctoral theses and exchanged them in the further email communication.

The core topic of tamanguu respectively tamanguu.contacts is business networking, i.e. the establishment and maintenance of your own contact network in order to be economically more successful. The importance of the network, or rather a well-maintained network, is the topic of the case study in Richard James Burgess’ doctoral thesis. The major title of the doctoral thesis is: “Structural Change in Music Industry: The evolving Role of the Musician”. In the aforementioned case study “It is not what you know, it is who you know” James reports on his first time in England, which shows how difficult it is to build on the previous success without a strong network despite successes and grown networks in other countries. In fact, I experienced it similarly in my time in England (2009-2012), when I wrote my doctoral thesis about artist development in the music industry.

Actually, “It is not what you know, it is who you know” doesn’t hit the nail on its head. It would need to end with “who knows you”, as in the ideal solution, it is your relevant business partner who continuously choose you to work with or to recommend to other potential customers. That’s tamanguu’s top-of-mind approach which we pursue in our guided relationship management.

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