Future Music Camp 2018 Recap

Future Music Camp 2018 Recap

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The website of the Popakademie, organizer and location of the event, describes what is and was essential for the Future Music Camp in addition to content topics: “As always, an important part of the Future Music Camp: Networking!”*

On the 26th and 27th April the ninth Future Music Camp took place and tamanguu was present. This year’s theme of the industry meeting was “ Digitalisation in live business “. The ever growing and meanwhile economically strongest sub-market of the music industry was the centre of the keynotes in the morning as well as of the discussions and sessions in the afternoon. How do we deal with the oversupply of events? How are ticketing, analytics or marketing changing as a result of digitalisation?

A keynote speech was particularly well received by the visitors. Sebastian Aab of Cosmopop captured the spirit of the time with his assessment of modern, experience-oriented event marketing. The new EU Data Protection Ordinance (DSGVO) was also discussed, although it is applied in almost all areas of the industry and therefore still provides much uncertainty. Samir Barden, founder of the IT startup Herockey, was also dealing with data protection and the opportunities that festivals in particular can use and exploit sensibly by using personal data for the benefit of their customers. Of course, an important trend should not be missing: the Blockchain. In his keynote speech, Alex von Harsdorf (gigmit) demonstrated the opportunities and potential of the new technology, for example with regard to the security and transparency of ticketing, and in some cases (such as Kraftklub).

Despite the quite high level of keynotes, which definitely require prior knowledge, there were enjoyable and stimulating discussions at the event. The Future Music Camp provokes thought-provoking impulses and provides motivation to study one or the other topic and to talk to experts directly on site - an opportunity that no one in the industry should miss. However, the keynotes were not only of interest to actors in the live sector, because digital marketing methods, innovative tools and current input on the subject of rights management is probably elementary for everyone interested in the future of the music industry.

Besides the exciting keynotes and sessions of experts from the music and media industry, all participants, experts and students were there to network. Whether active or passive - Networking is and remains an essential part of such an event. Due to the great demand in recent years, the keynotes and the free breakfast were moved to the Jungbuschhalle (with a capacity of 400 people) next to the Popakademie. The large outdoor area and the Poppakademie as a place for sessions and free drinks (sponsored by Spinnup) at the Get Together on the first evening invited to stay, exchange, get to know and network.

The special feature of this industry meeting is the mix of students from the Poppakademie and actors from the music industry, who exchange ideas at eye level. While the keynotes were given by experts from various areas of the music industry, the sessions were mainly held by students of the Popakademie. Thus, a contact point has been established here for the entire cross-section of the industry - for students who are building up their knowledge and network, for career starters and the experienced ones who want to update their network and inform themselves about current trends and opportunities. The Future Music Camp also offers added value for musicians trained at the Popakademie, because a certain do-it-yourself mentality has established itself since the digitalisation of marketing and exploitation and the Internet at the latest as the most important media and communication channel.

Many thanks to the organisers and helpers for another great Future Music Camp - we are looking forward to next year’s anniversary event!

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