5 Tips for successful Facebook Marketing

5 Tips for successful Facebook Marketing

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Part 2 of our blog series “Effective Social Media Marketing”

More than one-fourth of the world’s population is registered on Facebook: 1.37 billion people use Facebook every day, and the numbers are increasing every year. Fact is: Facebook is omnipresent and must not be missing in any marketing strategy. Because what this is all about is clear: reach, reach, reach. Nowhere else do we have the opportunity to reach so many people at the same time and market our product/our brand or a company as effectively as Facebook offers us. How often do we hear that you need to spend a whole lot of money to reach your target group? You can eliminate these worries directly, because Facebook marketing doesn’t need a mega-budget. What’s much more important for the start is the knowledge about your target group and your goal, because only about 2-15% of your fans or subscribers see your postings when it comes to organic reach. Therefore, it is important to understand the Facebook algorithm and to write precise and targeted contributions or to launch paid advertising campaigns. How do you reach your fans, how do you write good posts or how can you use Facebook advertising effectively? tamanguu gives you five tips for effective Facebook marketing:

1. Establish a clear corporate identity

Facebook stands for the communication of information and, if applicable, for entertainment in relation to your company. Therefore, it is important to consider how to communicate. Keep your important postings in the corporate colour, which you have chosen for your company or brand. Use a consistent visual- and word language and maintain your continuity. However, the basic rule of Facebook still is: stay personal and speak directly to your fans - your fans will feel more strongly addressed and will be more likely to interact with you. As with all channels, it is up to everyone to define their own corporate identity, whereby one thing must always be taken into account: Consistency of your postings and title or profile images with regard to image and word language and colouring is the be-all and end-all.

2. Find the right timing

Your fans and also the Facebook algorithm are pleased by receiving regular postings: every Monday a thematic post, every Wednesday the latest news and on Sundays a video - as an example, this could be a weekly schedule your fans want to rely on. At tamanguu, we also have an editorial plan for our social media activities, which is planned weeks in advance. The posting frequency depends on the content of your site, but you should be able to post between 2 and 5 posts per week. However, you should not publish more than one post per day. You want to get your fans online at the right moment? Then find out the days when your fans are online and/or you have little competition - both online and offline. We have to distinguish between B2B and B2C sites. If you manage a pure B2C site, the weekend, especially Sunday morning or evening, is a good time to reach your fans. If you are primarily running a B2B business, the traffic during the week will be much higher. Your personal best posting times will soon be commuting - in your Facebook Insights you’ll find the activity of your fans. If you have an international fan base on Facebook, it will be difficult to find ONE optimal time because we need to consider different time zones. For a fan base located mainly in Europe and North America, the time between 5 pm and 8 pm in Central Europe might be the best. With a time difference of six (New York) to nine hours (Los Angeles), we are also in North America in acceptable online times.

3. Share the right videos with the right format

Every day, more than 4 billion videos are watched. Facebook is increasingly becoming a platform for moving images, as confirmed by CEO Mark Zuckerberg: “In five years, most of Facebook will be video”. Video is currently the best working format on Facebook. There are a few things to consider here. The two Internet giants YouTube and Facebook are difficult to combine, and external YouTube links are ranked very low on Facebook, which means that they can hardly gain any reach. Therefore, you should always upload videos directly to Facebook to be shown in the news feed. Videos are started automatically and without sound, so you should always add subtitles to voice videos. This is also because we often don’t have a headset with us to be able to listen to videos on the go. Our high degree of mobility also makes it essential to design your videos in such a way that they are easy to watch on a smartphone screen with all the information, detail views and text. Finally find a thumbnail, i. e. a start picture that makes you curious.

4. Groups: create your own space for interaction

Facebook groups are kind of the online equivalent to the cafeteria at work or the favourite pub in the evenings. Facebook’s community concept is directly relevant here, as users with the same interests can come together and interact with each other. Unlike your Facebook page, members of the group will see all posts from other users. You can create a group for your main topic or you can create a group for your company or person. The decisive factor for you here is: You collect data, facts, opinions and intentions of your potential customers and thus have a focus group with an wide reach. Make sure that the group is public, so that there are no barriers.

5. Targeted and accurate Facebook advertising

If your organic reach isn’t high enough or you want to make your company or brand present more quickly, you can also take control of a budget and place paid Facebook advertising. The “highlight” or “promote” feature, which is prominently placed by Facebook, should not be used, as it limits the choice of a targeted advertising campaign. For Facebook, that’s quick money; for advertisers, it’s quick money burned. So it’s better to put a little more time into the advertising campaign and use the Advertising Manager or Business Manager to create your own targeted campaign. However, it should also be noted that with the business manager, the complete administration of the site runs via the business manager and no longer via Facebook itself. Thus, the advertising manager has proven its worth for us. You can find a detailed guide here.

There are some things to keep in mind:

5.1 Promote your strong posts

Use your already successful or highlight posts to promote them. Applying for weaker posts may bring equality, but in this case it is unfortunately not effective. So take your strong and above all important posts and promote them - there is a reason why the weak post has got less likes and your fans have recognized that. Increase your reach or interaction with good content.

5.2 Limit yourself to a specific target group

We don’t want to lose any customers and above all, we don’t want to exclude anyone - but that’s exactly what targeted Facebook advertising means. You have the possibility to define your target group exactly according to demographic data, interests, professions or even income. You can also exclude users from your target group. This way you can use your invested money in a targeted and sensible way and only address the audience that you have carefully defined in advance. Defining your target group is therefore the be-all and end-all - knowing your audience and its needs. In addition to a target group, you can also define different smaller target groups and place your own ads - it’s entirely up to you.

5.3 Define your goal

Everyone is looking forward to new Likes on the site. The page grows, the reach increases - fallacy. As mentioned above, only about 2-15% of your subscribers will see your post (if you have a large reach). Define a clear goal for your ad - you can attract more visitors to your site, get more interaction or highlight your business locally. Here too, Facebook gives you useful support. Choose your goal carefully and start with several smaller campaigns with different goals to run effective monitoring and identify your strategy. Also, pay attention to the quality of every post you advertise: if you phrase your posts well, the Facebook community understands why they should definitely be a fan of your site and the likes and interactions come (almost) automatically.

5.4 Create a good landing page

If your potential customer clicks on your ad because he thinks it can be exciting and hopes for further information, he wants to land in one click to the appropriate landing page. Nothing is worse if the customer lands in the middle of nowhere or in the chaos of a website - here you have lost him. What exactly is this landing page? This is exactly the page that verifies what the advertising has promised before. Invest time, effort and money in the programming of your homepage, so that your advertising can be exactly tuned to your landing pages.

Take your time and try it! Start with a small budget and try out different possibilities - but keep an eye on one or the other tip for each of your posts and make regular monitoring. You’ll soon see success. Have fun and go to the Facebook jungle!

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