Problems solved by tamanguu: Administrative Overhead - especially in the beginning

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tamanguu is now available for everyone in our Early Access Special!

With tamanguu we have the solution for everyone who wants to take their business relationships and networking to a new level and make it more productive.

In the next weeks we present a short blog series, which problems are solved by tamanguu - for business networking, relationship management and the use of software tools in management and business.

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Problem: Administrative Overhead - especially in the beginning

With many digital tools, you start with a blank system that you first have to set up for yourself. You don’t know where to start, you don’t have a good orientation, because the tool is quite complex for beginners. It’s not without reason that software solution providers offer expensive introductory and training courses for their software. In addition, you often have to define your workflow first to ensure that the software helps instead of slowing down the workflow.

All in all: Administrative overhead that nobody wants. Administrative overhead that frustrates and discourages the user. Administrative overhead that nips in the bud the first euphoria of a new tool for better management, for higher effectiveness.

Solution in tamanguu: From zero to productive in a few minutes

tamanguu initially offers a small but powerful onboarding process, which ensures that you don’t start in a blank tool, but become productive and maintain your important relationships directly through initial action recommendations.

This saves you the hassle of the orientation phase when familiarising yourself with new, blank tools and increases efficiency and productivity right from the start.

In the tamanguu Support contact, the items explain the essential functions of tamanguu to enable a quick introduction to the entire tamanguu system. The tamanguu Support contact also contains the contact data such as email and telephone so that you can reach the tamanguu team quickly and easily if you have any questions or need help.

From zero to productive in a few minutes - and also in the daily work with tamanguu through the clear focus and the recommendations for enhanced relationship management and sustainable business networking.

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Early Access Launch - tamanguu now available

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The time has come! tamanguu opens its doors and is now available in our Early Access Special!

tamanguu is the solution:

  • for all who want to take their business relationships and networking to a new level;
  • for all who want to make their relationship management more productive and efficient;
  • for all who have a large network but lose focus and overview;
  • for all who don’t have much time for networking, but at the same time know how important a strong network is for their business!

tamanguu contains more than a year of development work, comprehensive analyses of the market and potential users, intensive feedback discussions with our beta testers and continuous optimisation of the user experience. All with the goal to make tamanguu a great tool for the targeted development of business relationships.

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How does tamanguu help you?

  • From zero to productive in minutes
  • Action recommendations for your relationship building
  • Fostering your networking mindset
  • Goal-oriented workflow
  • All mails, meetings and communication notes person-focused in one place
  • Easy connection of contact data and emails
  • More productivity with focus, tags and filters
  • ToDo / activities system and connection to your calendar system

Let’s go with our discounted price!

Enough reasons that we finally make tamanguu accessible for everyone! And that with a special Early Bird discount of only 20 € per month per user in our annual plan and a general 30-day money back guarantee!

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Innovators' Offer: Discount and E-Paper!

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In the last weeks and months we have made huge steps forward to make tamanguu an absolutely brilliant tool for the targeted business relationship building. tamanguu helps our beta testers to keep an eye on their network and to be more productive and consistent in their relationship management.

For this reason we want to give more people the opportunity to use tamanguu for their relationship building soon! Hence our time-limited campaigns for new and old interested persons:

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Festival September: Meet the tamanguu Team at the upcoming Events

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This will be a crazy September!

And we are present at every event! If you are there too, we would love to meet you! The best way to contact us is via the possible ways (email, phone, social media)! Read below to find out who from our team will be there and what we will be doing there!

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