Why tamanguu?

tamanguu.contacts is the smart solution for networking, relationship and interaction management.
Our Guided Relationship Management Tool is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses as well as for freelancers in network-driven businesses.

Networking and the resulting strong relationships are regarded as an essential component of their success by successful people. Industries like the media and music business have to deal with a huge amount of content and information. In such an environment, networking becomes even more necessary in order to stand out from the masses.


Our vision

tamanguu.contacts is the smart guide and information service for the professional building of valuable relationships that increase business success.

Our ‘Software-as-a-Service’ application helps our users to be ‘top of mind’ with their most important contacts.

Contacts become customers, cooperation partners, referrers, friends… in short: FANS!

Our ‘next gen’ vision

Creating a hub of smart digital tools, which support managers, founders, entrepreneurs, professional athletes, actors, artists, politicians building their personal brand.


Our mission on the first vision is to pave the way for the enhanced artist management in the complex digital age by accompanying, guiding, supporting, connecting and improving the participants of the industry.

Our superior objectives for this mission are:

  1. Accompanying hollistic artist management successfully.
  2. Providing an advanced system with a guided ‘call-to-action’ management approach (digital assistant).
  3. Automating and improving management processes.
  4. Connecting the participants of the music industries for value-adding collaboration.
  5. Imparting knowledge, experience, information, and resources for music management on a higher level
  6. Adding significant value to artist management in the digitalized music industries with digital, sophisticated tools and technologies.

Pillars of our concept

tamanguu’s concept is based on several pillars.


A successful career in the music industry is not possible without a strong network and valuable relationships. In-depth experiences of the practical work derive from more than a decade of work experience in the music business and as an entrepreneur as well as the knowledge from numerous interviews with experts. The theoretical basis is the Ph.D. thesis of tamanguu co-founder Dr. Johannes Ripken about developing a long-lasting artist career in the music business, including a major chapter on networking, relationship management and business network development.

User Experience

Our design team is highly experienced in UX concept and UI design, which enables us to build an intuitive and appealing interface. Before our software developer start developing the system, we execute usability tests with relationship management and networking experts in order to validate the best possible user experience.


Our software development team, led by co-founder Dr. Wolfram Schroers, are acknowledged experts in our chosen advanced technology, which allows us to develop a fast and smart system for our users. The first version is optimised for web browser on desktop computers. During 2019, our team will additionally develop mobile apps for iOS and Android making tamanguu.contacts available for any device!


Tamanguu is led and operated by an experienced and innovative team

Additionally to the team below, tamanguu gains valuable insights and experiences by various leading managers and artists.

Dr. Johannes Ripken

CEO, CPO & Co-Founder

Dr. Wolfram Schroers

CEO, CTO & Co-Founder

Isabelle Klein

Product Manager, UX Concepter

Florian Köppe

UI Designer, Corporate Designer

Matthis Radke

Frontend Developer

Gregor Große-Bölting

Full Stack Developer