The tamanguu masterclass for networking

Step by step to successful business relationships

18 Lessons via Email

The tamanguu CEO shares his step-by-step best practices for business networking and in building valuable business relationships.

Perfectly actionable

Each class includes instant actionable tips including suitable templates and examples.

Individual Advice

Take advantage from the individual conversation with the tamanguu CEO as additional value of the classes.

Information about the Master Class and your Host

In this masterclass, Dr. Johannes Ripken (CEO and co-founder of tamanguu) shares his best practices of building strong business relationships from more than 20 years experience. Now, Johannes and his team provide and continuously develop a smart guide application for accompanying the business relationship building process.

What to expect


Welcome to our Networking Master Class

Outlook to this Master Class. Develop your Networking Mindset.


Let your Business Profiles shine!

10 valuable, actionable tips for improving your LinkedIn profile for ideal business networking.


Focus on your important Contacts

Selection of important contacts to develop your business relationship. Definition of suitable targets. Including a helpful template.


Increase your Awareness and Recognition!

Actionable tips, how you build your awareness and recognition among your important contacts. Including a helpful template.


The Value of Conversation Notes

Why conversation notes are useful. How you keep valuable notes. Including a helpful template.


Prepare and have your conversations

Best practices how to arrange, prepare and conduct conversations with important contacts to build a strong business relationship.


Put your Giving Mentality into Action

Some hints how you can help or provide value to your contacts.


Follow Up Process

Actionable tips, how you keep the momentum of your conmmunication alive and lead towards your business goals.


The Power of Networking at Business Events and Conferences

Why business and networking events are powerful. How you can perfectly prepare these events. How you get the most of out such events.


Catching up with important Contacts

How you can revive the communication with your important contacts, even after a longer time of missing interaction.


How to make your Business Trips more effective

How you ideally plan, prepare and execute your business trips.


Expand your Business Network according to your Goals!

How to use the opportunities of the digital world to expand your business network with a clear focus on your business goals.


Put your Giving Mentality into Action Part 2

How you enhance your contact's appreciation for the evolving relationship with your giving mentality.


The Power of Networking Videos / Attract your Contact's Giving Mentality

Get the essence from our 'The Power of Networking' video interview series! Trigger the support of your important contacts.


Build your Brand Authority sustainably

Learn how to build your personal or company brand and which advantages you have for relationship building and business networking.


Re-evaluate your Contacts

Get practical methods how to re-evaluate the relationships with your contacts in order to adjust your relationship building.


Knowledge Recommendations on Business Relationship Building

We share valuable ressources, books etc about this topic for your further education.


Final Class

Final lesson and conclusion of the master class.