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tamanguu helps you to be top of mind of your most important contacts.
Relationship building with more productivity, efficiency and quality!

Assistance for a goals-driven workflow

Assistance for a goals-driven Workflow

tamanguu assists you to easily define relationship goals for your important contacts. tamanguu uses these goals to support a focused workflow which is perfectly customised to your specific targets and needs. Learn more

Individual Action Recommendations for Relationship Building

Individual Action Recommendations for more Productivity

Intelligent recommendations based on your communication behaviour and best practices save you much time, mental effort and therefore money. Our onboarding process boosts your productivity within minutes and keeps it high and efficient with our with individual action recommendations! Learn more

Communication history for all your contacts

All Emails, Meetings and Notes per Contact in one Place

We bring together your communication channels, relevant interactions and notes of each contact in a neat stream. Perfect for meeting preparations, a focused workflow and remembering important details about your contacts. Learn more

Import and synchronise your emails and your data from Google, Apple and LinkedIn

Easy Integration of your preferred Communication Systems

It is easy to import and synchronise your relevant data. You can integrate your contacts from Google, Apple or LinkedIn. To assign your email communication to individual contacts, connect Gmail or other email provider. Learn more

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